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What is Counterfeit Product?
To counterfeit means to illegally imitate an item or good. Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. In our case, customers might encounter goods that visibly appear to be authentic M·A·C Cosmetics products but lack the superior quality, research and development time invested in all of our products.
What M·A·C Does To Counter Counterfeiting?
M·A·C Cosmetics takes great pride in producing the finest quality prestige makeup. Because of this, we vigorously pursue counterfeiting operations and the individuals responsible for the production, distribution and sale of the counterfeit goods. We work with local, regional, federal law enforcement and U.S. and foreign customs officials to prevent the illegal sale and distribution of counterfeit goods. We file civil legal actions and partner with the District Attorney’s office on criminal actions. We take down websites and online auctions which sell counterfeit products.
Where To Find Official M•A•C Products?
M·A·C Cosmetics does not offer its products through individuals, street vendors, flea markets, internet auctions, independent boutiques or unauthorized online retailers. M·A·C does not sell its products at wholesale over the internet.

To be certain that you are purchasing authentic M•A•C products, visit our “Find Stores” page to locate M•A•C Cosmetics at an authorized retailer near you. M•A•C Cosmetics are also available online at, and at M•A•C Cosmetics Free Standing Stores
Report Counterfeits
To report counterfeits, please call 0800 39 00 13  or email The following information is helpful to us when trying to take action against a counterfeiter:
- Location Name and Address
- Type of Location (eBay, independent boutique, unauthorized retailer, etc.)
- Product Being Sold
- Details of any Trademarks (the M•A•C logo or specific designs)